South Philippine Adventist College celebrated the investiture of its ninth president, Dr. Chliejvferwyn C. Catolico, during a ceremony on August 31, 2022, at the SPAC gymnasium. The ceremony also served as the installation of the college administrators, Dr. Catolico as the College president, Dr. Lotchie D. Genon as the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Ms. Alpha C. Duran as the Vice-President for Finance, and Mr. Irvin N. Mirabueno as the Vice-President for Student Affairs and Services.


Church leaders from the Southern Asia Pacific Division, namely the Education Director Dr. Bienvenido G. Mergal and the Associate Education Director Dr. Edward Bryan Sumendap, took part in and witnessed the installation ceremony. The event was also attended by the leaders from the South Philippine Union Conference, Executive Secretary Pastor Heshbon R. Buscato, Communications Director Pastor Roxie Pido, Education Director Dr. Alevir Pido, and Associate Education Director Sir Romy Lamputi. The Vice-President for Academic Affairs of Mountain View College, Ma’am Chona Ramos, also joined the ceremony.


Some of the ceremony’s highlights were the awarding of the presidential medallion to Dr. Catolico as a symbol of leadership and authority, Pastor Buscato sharing an inspirational message emphasizing one’s leadership journey, and Dr. Mergal leading and administering the installation rights and oaths of the newly elected and re-elected administrators.


Dr. Catolico has served as president of SPAC for the longest time and is currently the ninth college president. “I have been working with God for 33 years now. And I feel he has prepared, nurtured, and paved my way to stay with Him,” Dr. Catolico said during his presidential address. He added that teachers and staff serve as front-liners in restoring human beings to their original relationship with God by instructing, reaching out, and nurturing students. With high hopes, Dr. Catolico and the whole institution seek to deliver the services God desires.

– Joyce M. Geronda, The Collage


Adventist Education is not just acquiring a particular course of study but also equipping students for the joy of lifelong service to God, church, and country. To continue this commitment, South Philippine Adventist College started its limited face-to-face classes on August 15, 2022. After two years of online/modular types, new faces and old ones reunited to embrace the physical learning mode amidst the pandemic.


This limited face-to-face class brought joy to the students, where they could learn and interact with each other in person. “I am overjoyed as of the moment knowing that we are back in our face-to-face class after all the hardships of distance learning,” Mekko Eleine Doluna, a 2nd – year BSBA student, said in an interview with SPAC Media.

Following the ongoing pandemic protocols, SPAC faculty and staff provided safety measures to keep the students safe in the limited face-to-face classes. “Let us face the face-to-face classes with God’s providence, with the protocol, and with our presence,” Vice President of Academic Affairs Lotchie D. Genon said in an interview.


Since Matanao is still on the Alert Level 2 COVID restrictions, SPAC must abide by the 50% indoor and 70% outdoor capacity for fully vaccinated students. With this, students observe the minimum public health standards, including checking temperature, maintaining physical distancing, wearing face masks, and filling in the Health Declaration forms.


Indeed, this school year has once again ignited the students’ and teachers’ enthusiasm for in-person learning needed for this world and for the world to come.


All glory to God!


Photos by the SPAC Media Club

SPAC Celebrates 72 years of God’s Goodness

-Ronette Joy Alfanta, The Chronicles

On February 11-13, South Philippine Adventist College celebrates its 72nd founding anniversary.


As a celebration of God’s goodness, SPAC held a 3-day event to commemorate the 72 years of serving students and God. The event started early on Friday, February 11 with a simple warm-up before a biking experience, “padyak”, participated by faculty and students. It was followed by the opening program and releasing of 72 balloons. Exciting games and a food bazaar continued late that morning. Faculty, students, and other guests held afterward a thanksgiving concert on Friday night.

Solemn sabbath worship begins early on Saturday. A special sabbath school program, “Lest We Forget”, reminisces special memories and moments of the past good years of SPAC. The divine worship followed, with the message of God delivered by Dr. Bryan Edward Sumendap, the Associate Education Director of Southern Asia Pacific Division.  On the last day, as a culmination program, SPAC held a faculty banquet with the theme: A night of Love and Merriment at Megas World Hotel in Digos City.


God has indeed been gracious and good to SPAC for the past 72 years and as more years to come, may God continue to guide and bless His institution until His return.


Shine on, SPAC!


SPAC Bloodletting Drive Yields 68 Bags

-Joyce M. Geronda, The Collage


           Despite the early rain, South Philippine Adventist College, in partnership with Davao Blood Center, LGU Matanao, and SDA Matanao District, conducted a bloodletting activity on February 25, 2022. With the aim to save lives and respond to the rising demand for blood, this event resulted in the total collection of 68 blood bags from various dedicated donors in the area.

           This activity officially started with the Welcome remarks from the SPAC President, Dr. Chliejvferwyn C. Catolico, who also acknowledged the support of the Davao Blood Center headed by the Donor Recruitment Officer Janson Cajegos. To show their support for this program, SPAC faculty and staff, Barangay Camanchiles, San Vicente residents, and 24 volunteers participated in this noble event. Records show that a total of 80 blood donors appeared in SPAC Gymnasium from 7 until 11 on the morning of said event.

           With this, the school stayed true to its mission of serving not just the Lord and the church, but also the country and its people. Campus Chaplain and Church Pastor Zacharias Escobidal said that volunteers chose to help and donate blood despite the busy schedule and holiday. “This activity aims to help people and ourselves, especially that we are in dire need of blood as of this time,” Pastor Escobidal said in an interview. Indeed, this event showed a different view of heroism where by donating blood, we can save lives.

2nd Semester Enrollment Now Ongoing

SPAC is now accpeting enrollemnt applications for 2nd semester, Sch. Year 2020-2021, starting January 11 -25, 2021. Classes will start on January 25. SPAC is still on online and modular modality. Further, updated financial info is posted on the admission page of this site. To proceed with your enrollment registration, just go to the main page of this site ( and click the link for enrolment procedure.

Looking Back at 2020

SPAC looks back at 2020 with many blissful memories to celebrate with. Nothwistnding the three (3) successive earthquakes that took SPAC by surprise and badly damaged most of our buidings at the closing month of 2019; and thereafter came covid-19 that emptied our campus of students starting March of 2020 ’till now, SPAC still remains in awe of God’s greatness.

During these times of historic crisis, our sister instituions such as Davao Mission, South Philippine Union Conference, and Southern Asia Pacific Division have never failed us in helping us in rebuild our school through their generous givings. We thank our alumni and friends too for their support and prayers.

At the present, there are twenty (20) state-of-the-art classrooms amidst nature that are now on its completion stage alongside the gymnasium that is hoped to serve as temporary place of worship for students and faculty alike when physcial classes resume. Further, our new dormitory is undergoing repair and is nearing completion.

2020 is the best year so far to remember God’s greatness shown at SPAC. We are one in believing that 2021 will be far more better for SPAC because our work here is God’s and not ours.

SPAC Congratulates Pr. Joel Escobidal On His Ordination

South Philippine Adventist College  rejoices over the ordination of one its longest serving workers in the campus, Pr. Joel Zacharias Escobidal, which was held in Digos SDA Center Church on September 5, 2020. It came as a momentous and special experience for him as he was the only candidate receiving the rite of ordination that day with select friends and guests in attendance. This event was graced with the presence of no less than the President of South Philippine Union Conference, Pastor/Elder Roger Caderma, as its speaker. Elder Caderma pounded on the importance of servanthood leadership whose highest agendum is to serve and be faithful to Jesus Christ.  Accompanying Elder Roger Caderma were also officers from SPUC, namely  Pastor Danielo Palomares, SPUC Secretary; Pastor Alex Necesario, Ministerial Secretary; Pastor Rudy G. Jimenez, Stewardship/Legal and Trust Director. They were also joined by their supportive wives.  Representing Davao Mission was Pastor Seth Suan, Ministerial Secretary, who likewise took part in the presentation of candidate and his family.

Teary eyed, Pr. Joel Escobidal on his closing remarks said that his ordination is a “testimony of God’s saving grace.”  The whole family of Pr. Escobidal joined him in profound gratitude to those Pastors and friends who were instrumental in seeing God’s  calling for him despite the odds he went through that almost cost his religious life.

Godspeed, Pastor Joel Escobidal!