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1. PHILOSOPHY: Our education is for the development of the total person in four dimensions – mental, social, physical, and spiritual. We work so hard to ensure proper appropriation of the said dimensions in his/her academic pursuit.

2. SIZE. The size of our overall facilities is rightly feasible and pragmatic in terms of the delivery of our academic practices and long term goals. In all of our programs, we make sure that everybody gets a fair chance of exposing his/her potential to self-realization and self determination be it in the classroom, in the dormitory, in the church or even in simple acquaintances . We individualize students both in their extra –curricular and classroom activities. Our present size is our advantage in the fulfillment of our mission and vision.

3. INSTRUCTION. Our teachers are multi- skilled and inbreed free. Many of our teachers are either below 30 or 40 years of age. This presentation is so vital in making our lessons get across especially among the millennial’s psychology. We blend faith and learning into our curriculum menu with open mindedness and dynamism.

4. PROFESSIONAL GROWTH. We make sure that our teachers go to reputable schools in their upgrading so that our designed and envisioned attributes for our graduates may thoroughly be cemented to ensure reliability and dependability. At present, we have six (6) faculty members who are engaged into doctoral studies either under the purses of the Church or the government (U.P. Diliman (1), Ateneo de Davao (2), Notre Dame University of General Santos City (2), AIIAS (1). The school stands by their side as a matter of our academic values.

5. AGE MATTERS. Our college is only 23 years old. Still young. But what God has done for this school outpaced its age. At 23 years of age with level II accreditation from ACCSCU–AAI and four- year accreditation from AAA is truly a testament of God’s amazing grace. And we continue to working so hard to improve our accreditation and delivery of instruction to stay relevant in our mission.

6. COMMITMENT and CHARACTER. Many of our faculty and staff could have positioned themselves in a much greener pasture due to their qualifications. Instead, they choose brown pasture and turns it into green by watering it. That’s character and commitment. Ours is TRANSFORMATIVE WHOLISTIC EDUCATION.

On Theologizing Martial Law: A Theology from Below


Through out the decades, the phrase, MARTIAL LAW, has been sedated in a temporal solitary confinement in our constitution for political consideration; for it has left painful memories to many Filipinos, especially among generation of baby boomers. So that when there was a looming invitation by any executive branch of government in the past to romantacize it, you could not expect a singing of hallelujah chorus from a vast strata of our populace and select politicians alike to dance with it in splendid adoration. So record speaks that after the 1972 declaration of martial law by then Pres Marcos, only two martial law proclamations was/is administered so far. The first one was on December 4, 2009 through Proclamation No. 1959, in which Pres. Arroyo officially placed Maguindanao province under military administration to avert escalation of lawless violence therein. However, the sting of martial law in Maguindanao lasted only a few days. The writ of habeas corpus, the crowning act of the bill of rights, was temporarily anesthetized (suspended) as mandated by the 1987 Constitution (Art VII, Section 8). This time, it has to be concurred by Congress with a prescription (Rx) of 60 days  (“in case of invasion or rebellion“), unless extended by the same. So the requirement for the passing of the martial law at present is rebordered with stringent mechanism like doing a doctoral dissertation in prominent schools. This is the new face of martial law in the PhilippinesContinue Reading

My Life. My Story

Art Kevin B. Rio
SPAC, Bachelors of Arts in Theology 2017

I am Art Kevin B. Rio. I was born on October 10, 1995, a historical day for my parents, in a humble community of Libasan, Nabunturan, Compostela Valley Province. For me, adversities don’t always win over aspirations. I always indoctrinate my heart with this quote, “Aspire to Inspire Before You Expire.” This gives me a reason to pursue and finish Bachelor of Arts in Theology at South Philippine Adventist College in spite of hardships in life. I do believe that we only experience life once and it must give inspiration to those who are discouraged and in despair that they may hold on to their precious aspirations in life like making it worth living (before God and man) before we expire.Continue Reading