This school (SMA- SPAC) that builds character prepared me to work in this place both as a nurse and an entrepreneur.

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SMA (SPAC Academy) Alumnous
Former Registered Nurse at Montefiore Medical Center, N.Y., USA
Entrepreneur, U.S.A.

SPAC is a holistic training ground for excellence that will mold and nurture the youth to excel for Christ.

In this school we were trained to gain true wisdom and knowledge. To achieve great things and to survive hardships and be successful in defeating trials, make God as your guide and light and put your ALL in ALL to Him.

Aim and Achieve!

Soli deo Gloria.

Glenice Mae A. Nebato, RN
Graduated BSN at Mountain View College
Nursing Licensure Exam 2015 Top 7
SPACA Trenchant ‘11

“SPAC leads me the way to see the world of Success. I can never forget the things that I learned from this school. SPAC imparted so much to me in all aspects of life – mental to spiritual. I remember the inspiring words of my teachers that triggered my interest in computer programming and the challenge  they gave in order for me to go to the limits of my intellectual endurance, especially in the field of Information Technology. I now believe that behind every man’s success is someone’s hand you can never forget. So, thank you SPAC.”
April Jay Diolata
SPAC, BS Computer Science batch 2000
IT Consultant / Quality Assurance / Computer Programming Assessor
Federal TVET of Ethiopia / Ministry of Education Federal Democratic of Ethiopia East Africa

It’s more than 10 years since I graduated. SPAC was the place where I honed, more than anything else, my leadership capabilities. Yes, good grades were a great plus but SPAC was the ground I started to become a well-rounded individual, which I believe a very important asset when you try to make a dent in the world! During my 4 years stint, God had given me a chance to serve as the CSG president, Batch president, Collage EIC and more. It warms my heart being in the real world and to look back to where I came from and say, “Man! I am an SPAC Alumnus!”

Wherever God will lead my life and my family, I always feel indebted to all the professors that God has placed in SPAC to mold my mind, my character and my spirit. I pray that God will continue to make our school a place “to make ready a people for the Second Coming of Jesus.” I am proud of SPAC, and I am a proud SPACian!

Ian Mark Catolico
Youth Pastor, Inland Empire Filipino SDA Church, Redlands, California
Financial Professional, World Financial Group, Ontario California

“SPAC academy has done a lot for who I am today. During my four (4) years stay in high school it gave me a better foundation and prepared me to become  a better surgeon. The school really builds a good character of  a student.”

Dr Julieto M. Comia, MD, Surgeon
Board of Director, Medical Center of Digos Cooperative (MCDC)
President, Med Care Hospital, Sta Cruz, Davao del Sur
Medical Director, Bansalan Medical Clinic and Hospital
MA (in progress) Business Administration in Health Care Management (Ateneo de Manila Univ.)
Batch 1984 (SMA- SPAC)

South Philippine Adventist College has been the best training ground for me both professionally and spiritually. SPAC provided me all the best venues for me to develop both my IT skills and my communication skills. When I was in the second year of my Computer Science degree, I was offered to join Collage Magazine, the official student publication of SPAC, as an Associate Editor. But here’s the catch though. I need to do the whole Graphic and Layout Design for the Magazine. So basically, they wanted me to be the Associate Editor and the Graphic and Layout Artist as well. Because at that time, I was also starting to study graphic design using Photoshop, so I accepted the challenge to join the Student Magazine team.Continue Reading

“SPAC teaches me good values that I carry until now in my career, and this is the reason why I succeed more often.”

Senior Police Inspector

Batch 1999
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science