Retention Policy for Foreign Students

Retention Policy for Foreign Students

Retention Policy for Foreign Students


          A foreign student must maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 or above and abide by the rules and regulations of SPAC and laws of the Philippines.


          When for any reason a student’s cumulative GPA falls below 2.0, he/she will be considered an academic delinquent and placed on academic probation. He/She is not allowed to participate in co-curricular activities which demand many hours of preparation and/or may cause him/her to miss classes. If he/she is staying outside the campus, he/she will be required to live in the dormitory so he/she can attend the supervised study period and can be closely monitored. A student admitted on academic probation will be allowed to take a minimum of 18 units only in the first semester. If in the next semester the student is still on academic probation, he/she will be allowed to take 15 units only. In the third semester on academic probation, the student will be allowed to take 12 units only. A student who remains on academic probation for three successive semesters shall be denied admission the following semester.

Other marks that will make a student an academic delinquent are:

  1. One or more F’s or FA’s
  2. Two or more D’s

          An academically-suspended student shall not be readmitted for at least one semester. If after a suspension of one semester, the student seeks readmission, he/she must bring his/her parents/guardians with him for a conference with the Admission Committee which reserves the right to accept him/her or not.