Business Administration

Business Administration


Philosophy and Goal

The BSBA Department seeks to develop the students’ ideals, values, attitudes, interest and skills that are in harmony with the College’s philosophy and mission statement. In its teaching methodology, the department aims to anchor its instruction in business administration – in the principle that man is God’s steward. Thus, utmost care and proficiency, integrity and fairness, and unselfish dedicated instructions are provided in line with the latest development in the field of business relevant in each profession.

The Department aims:
  1. To equip students through proper orientation on the principles, methods, techniques and analytical abilities necessary for the success of their chosen profession through careful planning and updating of classroom instructions.
  2. To enrich and fortify the theoretical concepts, providing students a view of actual observation of business management, office practices, and procedures.
  3. To provide a classroom environment where honesty, fairness, integrity, effectiveness and unselfish dedication are elevated as inseparable parts of the profession.
  4. To assist and encourage students to evaluate and develop their potentials in the business profession to equip them as they find their rightful place in the Seventh-day Adventist community and in the business world

The Students are expected to:
  1. Develop skills, techniques, methods, and diligence necessary for the success of their chosen profession.
  2. Develop a sound Christian philosophy towards a modern and dynamic business world, and endeavour to make use of technology to enhance efficiency in management profession.
  3. Manifest the enduring values of honesty and integrity in his job assignment, profession, and in his relationship with other persons in business and in the government.