South Philippine Adventist College celebrated the investiture of its ninth president, Dr. Chliejvferwyn C. Catolico, during a ceremony on August 31, 2022, at the SPAC gymnasium. The ceremony also served as the installation of the college administrators, Dr. Catolico as the College president, Dr. Lotchie D. Genon as the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Ms. Alpha C. Duran as the Vice-President for Finance, and Mr. Irvin N. Mirabueno as the Vice-President for Student Affairs and Services.


Church leaders from the Southern Asia Pacific Division, namely the Education Director Dr. Bienvenido G. Mergal and the Associate Education Director Dr. Edward Bryan Sumendap, took part in and witnessed the installation ceremony. The event was also attended by the leaders from the South Philippine Union Conference, Executive Secretary Pastor Heshbon R. Buscato, Communications Director Pastor Roxie Pido, Education Director Dr. Alevir Pido, and Associate Education Director Sir Romy Lamputi. The Vice-President for Academic Affairs of Mountain View College, Ma’am Chona Ramos, also joined the ceremony.


Some of the ceremony’s highlights were the awarding of the presidential medallion to Dr. Catolico as a symbol of leadership and authority, Pastor Buscato sharing an inspirational message emphasizing one’s leadership journey, and Dr. Mergal leading and administering the installation rights and oaths of the newly elected and re-elected administrators.


Dr. Catolico has served as president of SPAC for the longest time and is currently the ninth college president. “I have been working with God for 33 years now. And I feel he has prepared, nurtured, and paved my way to stay with Him,” Dr. Catolico said during his presidential address. He added that teachers and staff serve as front-liners in restoring human beings to their original relationship with God by instructing, reaching out, and nurturing students. With high hopes, Dr. Catolico and the whole institution seek to deliver the services God desires.