SPAC Bloodletting Drive Yields 68 Bags

-Joyce M. Geronda, The Collage


           Despite the early rain, South Philippine Adventist College, in partnership with Davao Blood Center, LGU Matanao, and SDA Matanao District, conducted a bloodletting activity on February 25, 2022. With the aim to save lives and respond to the rising demand for blood, this event resulted in the total collection of 68 blood bags from various dedicated donors in the area.

           This activity officially started with the Welcome remarks from the SPAC President, Dr. Chliejvferwyn C. Catolico, who also acknowledged the support of the Davao Blood Center headed by the Donor Recruitment Officer Janson Cajegos. To show their support for this program, SPAC faculty and staff, Barangay Camanchiles, San Vicente residents, and 24 volunteers participated in this noble event. Records show that a total of 80 blood donors appeared in SPAC Gymnasium from 7 until 11 on the morning of said event.

           With this, the school stayed true to its mission of serving not just the Lord and the church, but also the country and its people. Campus Chaplain and Church Pastor Zacharias Escobidal said that volunteers chose to help and donate blood despite the busy schedule and holiday. “This activity aims to help people and ourselves, especially that we are in dire need of blood as of this time,” Pastor Escobidal said in an interview. Indeed, this event showed a different view of heroism where by donating blood, we can save lives.