Looking Back at 2020

SPAC looks back at 2020 with many blissful memories to celebrate with. Nothwistnding the three (3) successive earthquakes that took SPAC by surprise and badly damaged most of our buidings at the closing month of 2019; and thereafter came covid-19 that emptied our campus of students starting March of 2020 ’till now, SPAC still remains in awe of God’s greatness.

During these times of historic crisis, our sister instituions such as Davao Mission, South Philippine Union Conference, and Southern Asia Pacific Division have never failed us in helping us in rebuild our school through their generous givings. We thank our alumni and friends too for their support and prayers.

At the present, there are twenty (20) state-of-the-art classrooms amidst nature that are now on its completion stage alongside the gymnasium that is hoped to serve as temporary place of worship for students and faculty alike when physcial classes resume. Further, our new dormitory is undergoing repair and is nearing completion.

2020 is the best year so far to remember God’s greatness shown at SPAC. We are one in believing that 2021 will be far more better for SPAC because our work here is God’s and not ours.