SPAC enrolment continues to exceed projection

SPAC enrolment continues to exceed projection

By Princess Mae Caliusan (BSE, major in English)

A marked increase in enrolment over last year in almost every department of the College is shown by the figures for the first one month of registration as compared with the same period of last year. But for schools dealing with capacity issues, such as SPAC, fitting more students more than what it can hold can be a big challenge.

This year, South Philippine Adventist College reported an enrolment of 1, 548 students from Kindergarten to College. So far, 662 of which are registered from College Department alone. It is almost 100% increase from last year’s enrolment figures.

The Education Department, with the highest population among the six departments, has already 190 students as compared to 148 last year.

The AB-Theology Department has now on its roll 189 students compared to 169 registered at the same time a year ago.

Other departments giving out 217 number of students for the first time showing an increase of registration are the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, which with 115 enrollees, has more than it had last year at the end of the first week of classes; the Bachelor of Science in Office Administration, having enrolled 64 students, an increase of 45 over last year’s figures; and the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, having registered to date 38 students, 9 students more than last year.

Furthermore, the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy with 48 registrations is already 18 students ahead of last year’s figures at a corresponding time.

Meanwhile, the Elementary Department slightly lowered its enrolment status this year as compared to last year with the difference of 9 from 126 to 117.
The Junior Academy Department on the opening day of class this year was already counting 79 more students enrolled than on the first day in 2018. The Department now has an enrolment of 430, as compared with 351 students registered at a corresponding time last year.

The Senior Academy Department, beginning its fourth year, has practically increase its last year’s enrolment for the first week and has already exceeded last year’s total registration. At present it contains 339 students from the three academic strands compared to 305 students at this time a year ago.

Overall, the said up trend or higher swing highs of enrollment in SPAC is due to sound judgment and sustainable strategies implemented by the school through its Marketing Office, headed by Mr. Roxie Pido, in its five-year plan on how to bring SPAC to a wider latitude of public awareness and exposure in order to generate and increase interest among her target market. Mr Pido said that “the current uptrend of enrolment in SPAC started to roll out three (3) years ago.” “God’s providence, hardwork, teamwork, and patience”, added the Marketing Director, “are the bedrock of this unprecedented rise in enrolment.”

Indeed, South Philippine Adventist College is blessed with teachers all ready to pursue God’s mission and students willing to acquire quality Adventist Education.