It’s more than 10 years since I graduated. SPAC was the place where I honed, more than anything else, my leadership capabilities. Yes, good grades were a great plus but SPAC was the ground I started to become a well-rounded individual, which I believe a very important asset when you try to make a dent in the world! During my 4 years stint, God had given me a chance to serve as the CSG president, Batch president, Collage EIC and more. It warms my heart being in the real world and to look back to where I came from and say, “Man! I am an SPAC Alumnus!”

Wherever God will lead my life and my family, I always feel indebted to all the professors that God has placed in SPAC to mold my mind, my character and my spirit. I pray that God will continue to make our school a place “to make ready a people for the Second Coming of Jesus.” I am proud of SPAC, and I am a proud SPACian!

Ian Mark Catolico
Youth Pastor, Inland Empire Filipino SDA Church, Redlands, California
Financial Professional, World Financial Group, Ontario California