South Philippine Adventist College has been the best training ground for me both professionally and spiritually. SPAC provided me all the best venues for me to develop both my IT skills and my communication skills. When I was in the second year of my Computer Science degree, I was offered to join Collage Magazine, the official student publication of SPAC, as an Associate Editor. But here’s the catch though. I need to do the whole Graphic and Layout Design for the Magazine. So basically, they wanted me to be the Associate Editor and the Graphic and Layout Artist as well. Because at that time, I was also starting to study graphic design using Photoshop, so I accepted the challenge to join the Student Magazine team.I tried my very best to learn graphic design. After two semesters of being an Associate Editor, the inevitable moment came. I became the Editor-in-Chief of Collage Magazine. It was such a fulfilling moment for me because I was able to do two things that I love the most: expressing my thoughts through writing and making beautiful graphic layout design. In my time on the student magazine, I helped publish 5 magazines to which I was the Graphic and Layout Artist, and 3 of that 5 magazines, I was the Editor-in-Chief. And that’s not all. I got a bonus. SPAC has given me a Free Tuition scholarship during my time as Editor-in-Chief.

SPAC also helped me strengthen my communication skills and my spiritual well-being. I love morning and evening worships in the dormitory because it’s a time for me to study about what God wants me to be. And also it was during the worship time, that I was trained how to speak in a large crowd, that eventually developed my skills in public speaking.

I strongly believe that SPAC is the best place for new college students who want to have a good professional career. SPAC really trained me to become my very best. When I graduated, my parents were very happy to see me receive the Student Journalism Award medallion.

I am now an IT Teacher at Trat Technical College in Trat Province, Kingdom of Thailand. I believe God used SPAC to help me reach where I am now, and where I will be going in the future.

Dave, Gaurino, I.T. Teacher

Trat Technical College

Trat Province, Kingdom of Thailand

SPAC Batch 2005